Janna, League of Legends

Costume debuted at PAX East 2013.

The armor pieces (bust, hip, leg, etc) are all made with a combination of wonderflex, worbla, and friendly plastic.  The jewels and crown were cast in clear resin.  The skirt is two layers of fabric.  The under layer is an embroidered organza and the top is chiffon.  The staff rod is PVC pipe and the top portion is made with plexiglass, clear plastic, and hot glue painted with nail polish.

Costume took one month to construct.

For more detailed design and construction notes, check out my WIP articles! Part 1: Design and Part 2: Construction

Photos taken by Darkain Multimedia, Anna Fisher, Shunichi Al HayashiFirstPerson Shooter, and Kindra Nickole Photography.



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Posted: September 21, 2013


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